Pneumatic Elements and Drives

Pneumatic Elements and Drives

We produce and deliver reliable and safe pneumatic components, whether you manufacturer parts for cars or work with wood. We work with products from Aventics.

Pneumatic cylinders, valves and valve blocks, rotating drives, pressure regulators and other accessories are all available.

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will serve you well because their products…

  • Perform at a high level and are safe for people
  • Have long maintained the highest standard of quality and design – the products are easy to handle, modular, yet perfectly functional
  • They are manufactured in extremely precise systems operated by experienced professionals
  • They are produced using first-class materials, ensuring a maximum service life and that they don’t fail easily
  • Consultation, production and delivery – everything from a single source

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Wewill help you select and determine how to best deploy pneumatic components on your manufacturing line.

If something is not meeting your expectations or you need additional parts; our technical experts will resolve the matter instantly.

We will train everyone who will use pneumatic elements.

If you have any further questions; do not hesitate to contact us, or we can even arrange a meeting.

Miloš Juráň

Miloš Juráň

Sales and technical advisor for pneumatic systems

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+421 43 5502 520

You will discover that we already have everything that you could possibly need for a manufacturing line.
We would be more than happy to propose a functional assembly composed of highly reliable components.