Manual Production Systems

Manual Production Systems

People need the right conditions to create the best possible products. That is why we offer ergonomic tables, assembly workstations and worktops from Bosch Rexroth. They help workers work without wasting time, material and effort.

These tables can be designed so as to ensure any employee, without any training, can stand in front of them and know just what to do.

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because they save you on costs and labour

  • The system is modular, ensuring it can keep up to match your ever- changing needs
  • Tables are intuitive extensions of the workers who use them, making them the perfect choice for anyone, including those who don`t speak your language
  • Workstations help increase transparency during production
  • Prevent wasteful surpluses and full warehouses and eliminate unnecessary wait times and shipments
  • Build quickly and expand as needed using a simple system for joining workstations
  • Use automation to free up your people

Workstation systems and accessories

Ergonomic workstation systems

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Ergonomic workstation systems make work easier and keep workers healthier.

Any company’s economic success is built on top-quality products and services that result in the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive success relies not only on lean, waste-free processes, but also on ergonomically designed work systems that allow employees to do their jobs with no waste. Good ergonomics serves to support the value chain and reduce waste.

With MPS, you have a production system that places equal importance on ergonomics, lean production and networking.

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Components for manual Movement

Efficient material supply system

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Reduce your stocks with an efficient material supply system.

A well-structured and clearly organized material supply system generates transparency to help you reduce your stocks.

Flow rack systems

Rexroth’s flow rack systems offer users in commerce, trades and industry a wide range of important benefits:

  • Various conveyor tracks employing various conveyor media are able to transport all containers and weight classes safely and reliably.
  • Simple conversion, attachment and expansion options future-proof your system.

The Lean system gives you the benefits of high flexibility and numerous combination options – colored rollers to code your stock or to help distinguish between good and reject parts.

The flow rack system and components are available as an ESD-conductive design suitable for use in electrostatic protected area (EPAs).

EcoFlow systems

Manual linking elements bring everything closer.

Assembly line operations are normally divided among multiple workstations. Besides making these workstations ergonomic, assembly line designers must also ensure that the various jobs and workstations are linked together in a way that maximizes efficiency and economy. Workers do not have to carry loads. At the same time, investment in such linkage need not be expensive, since the EcoFlow conveyor tracks work without any electric drive systems or controllers.

You can procure these conveyor tracks either fully assembled or as single components for self-assembly. A range of conveyor media allows you to adapt the conveyor tracks in an ideal way to your goods: Cardboard boxes and blister packs are carried on plastic or steel full-width rollers, or you may choose to use slide sections. Its high level of stability also makes EcoFlow ideal for transporting heavy loads.

To complete your system, you may add accessories such as stop gates for positioning materials at the workstation, or ball rollers for creating branch-offs and curves. All EcoFlow components are designed for use in combination with the products in Rexroth’s MPS and modular aluminum framing programs. The system is fully ESD-compatible and may be used in ESD-sensitive areas.

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Kanban System

Systematic production supply

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Systematic Kanban supply in production.

Standardized material supply in production using defined delivery routes creates clarity and a high degree of transparency.

A primary objective of lean production systems is to minimize inventories while simultaneously increasing transparency. This reduces tied up capital and expedites parts to workers by eliminating search times.

Material shuttles

The use of material shuttles at workstations is particularly beneficial for workstations that deal with a high degree of variance; they are the alternative to fixed-installation material supply systems.

FiFo station

Complying with the FiFo principle makes possible easy traceability in the case of material faults or disturbances in the process.

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IT solution for Industry 4.0

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More transparency with ActiveCockpit for optimized production.

Lean production made easy: Even in its basic version, the ActiveCockpit software offers a broad range of options for improving and making manufacturing processes more efficient. All relevant data is processed with transparency and user-friendliness – ideal conditions for rapidly identifying and exploiting optimization potential.

Industry 4.0: production and IT growing together

Industry 4.0 is the next major step for manufacturing plants. The dialog between man, machine and product plays an ever-increasing role in technical implementation.
The fusion of production IT and enterprise IT, the synchronization of processes, and machines that automatically make decisions in real time all allow for efficient and customized manufacturing. As the leading supplier of Industry 4.0 solutions, Bosch Rexroth is using its own application experience in production – including for the interactive touchscreens used for the ActiveCockpit industrial software. As a trendsetting platform for production, this solution brings all the relevant data directly to the line.

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We will help you select and determine how to best deploy assembly tables and workstations on your manufacturing line.

If something is not meeting your expectations or you need additional parts; our technical experts will resolve the matter instantly.

We will train anyone who is going to use or prepare your workspaces for others.

If you have any further questions; do not hesitate to contact us, or we can even arrange a meeting.

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