Presses and Press Equipment

Presses and Press Equipment

Presses produce perfect parts that your operators would otherwise have to produce manually. We recommend manual presses, hydraulic presses and servo presses for various applications.

We believe that cheaper solutions may ultimately cost you more. This is why we deliver reliable presses from Schmidt. They are precise, rugged and will serve you well for years.

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have proven themselves in applications for customers and in our own in-house plant

  • They produce presswork with a high degree of precision
  • They can withstand almost anything and do not break easily
  • They have a long service life compared to other brands
  • They are easy to work with thanks to ergonomics and low noise
  • The risk of injury is very low
  • Select from a range of different types with press capacity from 1 to 250 kN


for simple press processes and small production runs

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Automation helps people, and sometimes a smaller press  

is sufficient to make work easier. At small workloads, manual presses are often the most cost-effective. 

  • Positioning and adjustment are simple 
  • Matching openings in the ram and base plate ensure you don’t waste time setting up the tools 
  • The resting position of the press lever is fully adjustable 360° and the return force is also adjustable 
  • They are precision tools, and alignment between the upper and lower tools is within 0.05 mm 
  • They have a long service life and are maintenance-free, meaning they require no lubrication 


  • SCHMIDT® rack-and-pinion presses with long stroke and linear force for high precision work 
  • manual toggle presses with round or square rams for assembly, riveting, crimping, cutting, numbering, deforming and many other modifications 
  • manual presses with integrated stroke monitoring for precise adjustment of working depth and optimal form strength 
  • We’re happy to modify manual presses to ensure you use them properly. 
  • We can add interlocks, adapters, auxiliary springs or a CAN digital output module 

We are also able to adapt presses to left-handed users. 

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with high press capacity

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Pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic presses are the right choice for shaping, joining and assembly operations requiring press capacities from 0 to 220 kN. 

Together with SCHMIDT® PressControl, these presses are used in CE standard-compliant workstations. These presses are the right choice for stand-alone workstations or in automatic mode. 

In addition… 

  • They have a modular design meaning they are easy to adapt to specific needs 
  • Technological improvements permit easy adjustment of parameters, including stroke, height, force and speed 
  • They are resistant to wear-and-tear with Teflon treatment improving service life and precision 
  • They are not too noisy and easy to operate 


  • direct-acting pneumatic presses with quiet operation 
  • pneumatic toggle presses with maximum force at the end of the stroke 
  • pneumatic units for the design of single-purpose devices 
  • pneumatic presses with press stroke and force monitoring and a complete system with sensors and a SCHMIDT® PressControl 700 controller 
  • hydraulic stand presses with fully adjustable square ram to avoid torsion 
  • hydro pneumatic presses with press stroke and force monitoring and a complete control system with sensors and signal amplifiers 
  • hydro pneumatic frame presses with a rigid frame and low deflection to transmit high forces 
  • Presses are secured to ensure they do not deflect and rotate. These offer fine adjustments with a single increment corresponding to 0.02 mm. 
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reduce pressing costs

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The primary advantage of the new series of Schmidt electric presses is the significant reduction in pressing costs. Precision stroke and force adjustments remain available.   

Series 343 and 345 electric presses are used in a fully-automated environment and in stand-alone applications. Their basic parameters include: 

  • maximum press force: 10 kN 
  • stroke: 0 – 150 mm 
  • maximum speed: 200 mm/s 

Their quick connectivity and utility are the major advantages of electric presses. They do not need any compressed air, simply plug them in and they work.  

They are reliable, fast and precise. 

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for economical and quality assembly

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Presses with electrically-driven spindles (servo presses) are the ideal solution for creating precision assemblies out of cost-affordable components with various tolerances. 

SCHMIDT® servo presses are used in stand-alone workstations,  

or in automated manufacturing lines thanks to SCHMIDT® PressControl 7000 controls and SCHMIDT® servo module. 


  • Adapt processes to your application quickly and efficiently 
  • Servo processes are freely positionable as forces change during the process  
  • and deliver precision up to 0.01 mm 
  • Data from the equipment is assessed in real time and is immediately available 
  • The mechanical structure is precise and massive 
  • The system automatically parametrises, which means it is ready for use instantaneously 
  • A two-channel safety circuit is integrated for the use of CE-certified light curtains and delivers Class 4 security 

Our electric press modules and servo motors are able to handle maximum loading with minimal play during the entire ram stroke, even with short process cycles. 

Maintenance and service demands are minimal. The systems take care of themselves, including lubrication and cooling. The presses are also capable of protecting against operator error. 

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We will help you choose and determine how to best deploy conveyors on your manufacturing line.

If something is not meeting your expectations or you need additional parts; our technical experts will resolve the matter instantly.

We will train everyone who will use the conveyors.

If you have any further questions; do not hesitate to contact us, or we can even arrange a meeting.

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Martin Planieta

Sales and technical representative for pressing technology

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