Special precautionary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus

Dear business partner,

At MTS, we have been implementing strict safety measures to prevent the spread of virus diseases so that we can effectively protect our employees and business partners. Unfortunately, following the experience from abroad, these measures seemed to be inadequate, and therefore we had to adopt the ones that effectively prevent the epidemic.

We have decided to command a company-wide holiday for those who cannot work from home. Those who are able to work from home, will do. We have ordered everyone to stay at home and protect themselves and their families. Isolation of people is the only solution that will prevent future damage to both our and your health, property and entire country.

The necessary activities in the company are carried out in a limited mode. With only a small number of people and strict adherence to recommendations from competent authorities.

We have also forbidden any business trips. This is because we protect not only ourselves but also our partners. We cannot simply guarantee that our employees do not pose a danger to others.

We ask for mutual understanding and cooperation. We didn’t cause this situation. But we do not want to underestimate anything. If we act responsibly, we will overcome the epidemic by not creating a space for its spread.

In Krivá on 13/03/2020

Peter Laurinčík, CEO
Juraj Habovštiak, founder