The extensive drive and control portfolio opens up completely new perspective for easy, safe, and economic automation and flexible extension of your system.

Control Systems

XMplcIndraControl XM- modular, robust and powerful

The family of the compact control platform IndraControl XM offers the latest hardware technology in a robust housing design. It combines the high real time capability of the Sercos automation bus and the flexibility of the I/O family IndraControl S20 to a modular and complete automation system – for all applications in factory automation. More info about XM20. 




IndraLogic The Rexroth IndraLogic PLC system sets new standards for open automation with a consistent control, programming and communication design. Whether PC, controller or drive, IndraLogic provides a uniform platform for any configuration while being fully compatible with the IEC 61131-3 standard. On various platforms, the capacity and functionality of IndraLogic can be customized precisely to your centralized and distributed automation architecture.

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IndraMotion MLC

IndraMotion MTX

IndraMotion MTX Rexroth IndraMotion MTX is the individually scalable CNC platform with integrated PLC for successful machining and forming designs. Excellent performance data and comprehensive technology functions open new horizons for maximum productivity and flexibility. Wether you control a standard machine or a fully automated production system – IndraMotion MTX always ensures highly dynamic processing with minimized down times in your application.

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IndraMotion MLC

IndraMotion MLC

IndraMotion MLC By combining motion, robot and logic controls with technology functions, you can synchronize multi-axis applications very easily – freely scalable for centralized or decentralized solutions with a flexible control platform. Motion functions, such as master axes, electronic gears, cam disks and the innovative FlexProfile for complex motion sequences, can be used quickly and transparently. Robot control provides full functionality for multi-axis path interpolation in space. Integrate hydraulic axes just as easily and quickly in your automation solution with same tools and functionalities. The engineering framework IndraWorks with intuitive operation and the PLCopen-conforming software interface with standardized function blocks according to IEC 61131-3 facilitate integration in various machine designs.

Both electric and hydraulic motion control applications – for all tasks in automation, IndraMotion MLC motion logic system is the answer. Especially in terms of effective engineering, flexible process adaptation and cost-optimized automation.

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IndraMotion MLD

IndraMotion MLD

IndraMotion MLD This drive-based solution is available as a single-axis control for simple applications as well as a multi-axis control for applications with a maximum of 8 axes. Ready-to-use function libraries simplify the use of intelligent drive functions of our IndraDrives. In addition, PLCopen-conforming function blocks provide access to standardized motion-control functions. The open technology and communication interfaces facilitate integration of IndraMotion MLD in your automation design.

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Rexroth HMI

Rexroth HMI

Rexroth HMI IndraControl V is a unique platform which gives you all of the functions you need to create greater transparency in your control, operating and monitoring solutions for your machines and systems. The IndraControl V family includes controllerbased terminals, compact embedded PCs and high-performance industrial PCs. IndraControl V offers scalable performance and functionality. Perfectly matched hardware and software interfaces simplify upgrades with our innovative IndraMotion motion control solutions and our IndraLogic PLC system.

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Rexroth IndraWorks

Rexroth IndraWorks

Open Core Engineering offers a perfectly coordinated tool chain for all phases of the engineering workflow throughout the entire product life cycle of a machine.

The central element is the IndraWorks engineering framework for the efficient planning, programming and commissioning of different applications. Function toolkits expand the functionality of the standard PLC engineering framework IndraWorks with technology-based solutions.

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Electric Drives

Rexroth IndraDrive

Rexroth IndraDrive

Rexroth IndraDrive Complete in terms of hardware and software, safe in terms of application and intelligent in terms of functionality: With IndraDrive and IndraDyn you will benefit from the economic, intelligent and future-assured approach to your automation tasks – regardless of your industry!

When it comes to practical applications, IndraDrive offers many advantages such as:

Safety on Board conforming to EN 954-1, Category 3, for safe stop and safe motion
Wide power range from 1 kW to 120 kW
Internationally standardized interfaces
Integrated Motion Logic, with IEC 61131-3 compliant PLC
Highest performance and precision
Scalable power and functionality
Direct mains connection
Energy-saving power recovery
Internationally recognized interfaces are available for communicating with higher-level machine control systems: SERCOS 2, SERCOS III, PROFIBUS, PROFINET IO, CANopen, DeviceNet, analog and parallel.

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Rexroth IndraDrive Fc

Rexroth IndraDrive Fc Rexroth IndraDrive Fc is the new, high-performance range of converters for open-loop applications. Housed in an ultra-compact book-sized format, four standard frequency converters cover the entire drive range from 0.4 kW to 90 kW. IndraDrive Fc is setting new standards in its class with its extensive functions including simple installation, start-up and operation.

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Rexroth IndraDyn

Rexroth IndraDyn

Rexroth IndraDyn – motors and gearboxes Extensive range including robust housed and frameless (kit) motors

Coverage of entire power range
High-precision encoder systems
Highly-dynamic synchronous linear motors
Special hazardous duty designs conforming to ATEX or UL/CSA
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