We have grown from a tradition of classic electrical and light mechanical engineering industries. We utilise and supply cutting-edge top flight products and technologies.

MTS, spol. s r.o. was founded in 1996. In the region where the company is situated it has continued with the tradition of designing single-purpose machines and appliances, all of which dates back to the beginning of the sixties of the last century. The founders of the company worked in the field of production automation for over 10 years before the company was established.

From the beginning, MTS has been a trading partner of the German corporate Robert Bosch GmbH for the Slovak Republic and later also of Bosch Rexroth AG and Schmidt Technology GmbH companies. For our company this cooperation has signified a great step forward concerning the quality and variety of the product range available.

MTS is transforming into a self-reliant, independent company operating world-wide and as an enterprise based on the high technical and moral qualities of its human resources.


Company values

  1. Supporting team work, which strengthens the company and multiplies the results.
  2. Building mutual trust and confidence through relationships based on honesty, reliability and friendship.
  3. Serving others with enthusiasm and interest in other people´s needs, devoted to everything we do.
  4. Respecting others, seeing a human being – not a means – in everybody
  5. Reaching top quality performance, making an effort to provide top quality goods and services.
  6. Managing the company effectively, behaving responsibly both within the company as well as towards the environment, natural and professional.
  7. Making systematic investments, always bringing new and up to date solutions to our clients.
  8. Striving for economic efficiency to ensure that the company’s endeavour is capitalized.
  9. Learning and improving constantly, implementing modern components and technologies.
  10. Facing up to challenging requirements and projects, helping our partners solve their problems.
  11. Doing everything in compliance with our conscience. Doing what is right.